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THE LOST BOYS Is Getting A New Sequel!

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Back in 1987 we were introduced to fun and adventuresome film THE LOST BOYS. It is about two Arizona brothers who move to California and end doing battle with a gang of young vampires. Back in 2008 we saw a sequel to the movie titled LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE, followed by 2010's LOST BOYS: THE THIRST.

In the original film, the new kid in town Sam is approached by two strange individuals in the Frog Brothers. They run a comic book shop and try to give him a book about Vampires. Interestingly enough, the next installment of THE LOST BOYS will be in the form of a comic book miniseries.

This comic book miniseries will take place immediately following the events of the original film and will feature characters from that movie.

The team bringing you this new comic miniseries is made up of writer Tim Seeley and artists Scott Godlewski and Patricia Mulvihill, with covers by Tony Harris. They promise to deliver a gruesome and stylish return to the bloody boardwalks and big hair of 1987.

In the new miniseries, Santa Carla, California, is on edge. The eccentric coastal town and haven for the undead was finally returning to “normal” after its last supernatural scuffle left the local vampire coven’s leader dead and gave newcomers Michael and Sam Emerson a housewarming both violent and bizarre. Now the brothers must once again team up with militant vampire hunters Edgar and Allan Frog as a new gang of ruthless, stunning, life-sucking nightcrawlers known as the Blood Belles emerges from the aftermath to collect Michael’s love interest and their lost sister, Star.

Here is some sample artwork.

The new LOST BOYS comic book miniseries will arrive on October 12th.
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