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New Clip Arrives For LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR Starring Marilyn Manson - Trailer Included!

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Last year we learned that Marilyn Manson was cast as a hit man in a film titled LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR. Written and directed by Corey Asraf and John Swab, the film just made it's world premiere this past Friday at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal.

A new clip from the film has arrived courtesy of Rolling Stone. You will find that down below along with the official trailer.

LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR stars Marilyn Manson, Mark Boone Junior, and Sam Quartin.


"A cerebral revenge film about two adopted siblings who fall in love, and hatch a plan to kill their abusive father."

LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR is expected to be picked up for release soon.
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