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Official Trailer For THE AMITYVILLE TERROR Is Within!

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THE AMITYVILLE franchise is one that most Horrors fans are greatly aware of. There is the original THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, and seven sequels along with a remake. Some where along the line filmmakers began using the word Amityville in their titles. Films such as THE AMITYVILLE ASYLUM, THE AMITYVILLE HAUNTING, AMITYVILLE DEATH HOUSE, THE AMITYVILLE PLAYHOUSE.

As we are still waiting for the next official entry, which will be the long delayed AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, which is set for release in 2017 from Dimension Films. While we are waiting on that one to arrive, Uncork'd Entertainment has yet another Amityville movie ready for release in director Michael Angelo's THE AMITYVILLE TERROR. Head on down below to watch the trailer.

THE AMITYVILLE TERROR stars Nicole Tompkins, Kaiwi Lyman, Kim Nielsen, Amanda Barton, and Tonya Kay.


"When a new family moves to an old house in Amityville, they are tormented and tortured by an evil spirit living in their house and trapped by the malicious townspeople who want to keep them there. What do you guys think of the house in the poster below? Does it look like the mansion from Psycho?"

THE AMITYVILLE TERROR will arrive on various digital platforms August 2nd courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment.
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