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CLOWNTOWN Is Coming - See Trailer Within!

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With Killer clowns still being very popular within the world of Horror, we get movies such as CLOWN, or Rob Zombie's upcoming 31, or in today's case CLOWNTOWN. The film comes from director Tom Nagel, and writer Jeff Miller. The North American rights to the flick have been acquired by ITN Distribution who will be releasing CLOWNTOWN in a couple of months. Head on down below to view the trailer if you have not seen it yet.

The film is inspired by the clowns who terrorized Bakersfield, CA in 2014.

CLOWNTOWN stars Brian Nagel, Lauren Elise, Katie Keene, Andrew Staton, Jeff Denton, Greg Violand, Maryanne Nagel, Kaitlyn Sapp, and more. David H. Greathouse, Chris Hahn, Ryan Pilz, Beki Ingram, and Alan Tuskes play some of the murderous clowns.

Miller’s Millman Productions is producing, along with the two Nagels’ company, Steel House Productions. Zorya Films, with its producer Christopher Lawrence Chapman, is another production partner. Ronnie D. Lee is an executive producer. Pilz is First Assistant Director and Production Designer.

Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps served as a local production base, with Greathouse and Ingram handling the bulk of the FX work.


"CLOWNTOWN tells the story of a group of friends who get stranded in a seemingly abandoned town and find themselves stalked by a gang of violent psychopaths dressed as clowns. It is loosely inspired by the clowns who terrorized Bakersfield, CA in 2014."

CLOWNTOWN comes to theaters on September 30th. The film then heads to VOD and DVD on October 4th.
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