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Fresh News On The SLEEPAWAY CAMP Reboot!

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Way back in October of 2013, the announcement was made that the remake rights for the 1983 film SLEEPAWAY CAMP was acquired by Jeff Katz, who is formally a New Line executive. He was the driving force behind FREDDY VS. JASON and SNAKES ON A PLANE.

When the announcement was made back then, the plan was for Katz to be producing the new SLEEPAWAY CAMP film along with the original movie's producer Michele Tatosian, writer/director Robert Hiltzik, and star Felissa Rose. The goal back then was to reboot the SLEEPAWAY CAMP mythos in a modern setting with a new film series that echoes the original's legacy and psychosexual elements.

After this announcement was made things went very silent and no further word has since surfaced on the project, until now.

Katz recently appeared on Adam Green and Joe Lynch's podcast The Movie Crypt, where he offered a bit of an update on the SLEEPAWAY CAMP situation, revealing some details about the script that he has written for the film. First of all, it is not a remake/reboot, it is to be a sequel to the original. He also says that the project will not write out any of the sequels that followed.

The story that Katz has laid out so far, begins with Angela, played by Rose, having been locked away in Smith's Grove Sanitarium. This of course is a nod to HALLOWEEN. Katz also makes mention that a Smith's Grove employee has recently transferred over to Westin Hills, which of course is a nod to A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3, another film that Katz worked on. Angela ends up escaping from Smith's Grove and in the process takes a nurse hostage. She then seeks out refuge at Camp Arawak.

Katz goes on to say:

"You resolve her character while setting up the events of the new movie, which are tied directly to her and in a way which allows you to honor the original but spin off in an entirely new direction."

He adds that the script will get "the penis thing out of the way immediately". Those of you who are familiar with the iconic ending to the original film will understand that. He also mentions that it will feature a badass gay black man as the hero.

At this point Katz is not exactly certain as to where his new take on SLEEPAWAY CAMP stands, but he says that it is set up with Radar Pictures, which had a hand in the remakes of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. He goes on to say that at this time they are fielding back-stop offers. Once they receive an offer that they like, he expects a deal to take place and the film to begin taking real shape.

The original 1983 SLEEPAWAY CAMP followed Angela, a bullied teen protagonist whose summer turns into a bloodbath when a killer begins offing campers.

We will continue to bring you more on the new SLEEPAWAY CAMP project as we hear it.
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