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Official Trailer For DOLLY DEADLY Is Within!

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Taking abuse can sometimes lead to Horrible things for those doing who have caused this pain. Such is the case for writer/director Heidi Moore and co-writer Cassandra Sechler’s upcoming slasher DOLLY DEADLY. This one comes from LeglessCorpse Films and if the official trailer is any indication, this one will be a lot of fun. Head on down below to have a look.

DOLLY DEADLY stars Justin Moore, Kimberly West-Carroll, Jay Sosnicki, Dana Nelson, Lawrence Moore, Christopher Calvano, and Margaret Elysia Garcia.


"A young boy from the trailer park can't take another moment of ridicule from his family and peers. With support from his beloved dollies, he sets out for blood."

DOLLY DEADLY is coming to DVD/Blu-ray August 23rd. A VOD release will soon follow.
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