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Official Trailer Arrives For DARK EXORCISM!

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Breaking Glass Pictures will release the chilling indie Horror DARK EXORCISM On Demand and DVD this September. Described as a chilling to the core tale of possession from writer/director David Spaltro, DARK EXORCISM follows a paranormal investigator and a grad student as they come face-to-face with evil. Head on down below to view the official trailer.

DARK EXORCISM stars Lynn Justinger, Fiona Horrigan, Catherine Cobb Ryan, and Grace Folsom.


"Grad student Veronica Carpenter interviews Dr. Lois Kearne, a renowned paranormal specialist, for her thesis on supernatural research and modern psychology. Dr. Kearne invites Carpenter to join her on an investigation at a Brooklyn home. Once at the residence of nurse Joan Mills and her daughter Bethany, the investigators are immediately confronted with dark secrets, evil energies, and horrific events. The darkness they discover should have never come to light."

DARK EXORCISM Heads to DVD and VOD September 13th.
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