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Major News Regarding Another TREMORS Film Within!

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Today we bring you some news that is a very nice surprise. There are now officially two separate TREMORS projects taking place over at Universal. One of them being Blumhouse Productions' ten episode TREMORS miniseries for Amazon which will mark the return of Kevin Bacon to the franchise. The miniseries will put aside the cinematic sequels to a degree.

We have learned that Universal has also officially greenlit TREMORS 6. Michael Gross made the announcement on Facebook saying:

"IT IS HAPPENING!!! Tremors and Graboid fans, there WILL be a number 6!!! Universal Studios Entertainment announced to me today that this will happen. Can't divulge too many secrets but to say that Burt Gummer, Jamie Kennedy and director Don Michael Paul will return for another."

Gross portrays survivalist Burt Gummer in all of the TREMORS films except for TREMORS 4: THE LEGEND BEGINS, where he took on the role of Burt's ancestor Hiram Gummer. He also was a part of 2003's Tremors television series which aired on the SciFi Channel.

As for Jamie Kennedy and director Don Michael Paul, the pair made their debuts in last year's TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES. Kennedy is set to reprise his role of Travis B. Welker, who was revealed to be the illegitimate son of Gummer, with the pair ready to remain united as professional monster hunters. TREMORS 6 should be a lot of fun.

We will continue to keep you updated on both TREMORS projects as they unfold.
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