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Official Trailer For SHE WHO MUST BURN Is Within!

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Canadian filmmaker Larry Kent prepares for the release of his newest independent feature film SHE WHO MUST BURN. A Feminist, Political, and Ultra-Violent, the movie examines the battle between personal rights and state sanctioned law. You will find the official trailer waiting for you below.

SHE WHO MUST BURN stars Sarah Smyth, Shane Twerdun, Missy Cross, and Jim Francis.


"Angela, a strong-willed and determined young woman, refuses to leave the town’s planned-parenthood clinic even after its been shut down by the state. Her refusal to comply angers the Baarkers; a dangerous and fanatical right-wing family whose influence in this land runs both deep and high. Not only do they head the church, but they also claim to be able to speak directly to God, who has ordered them to cleanse the land, and the sin that Angela represents.

After receiving word that a young girl has had an abortion, the Baarkers hunt the child down. She narrowly escapes after watching her mother’s murder, and makes her way to the clinic where Angela takes her in. With the young girl at her side, Angela vows to protect her, but the Baarkers are closing in fast. As the tension between the two sides rises, so does the danger, and each one is driven further than ever before to fight for what they believe."

SHE WHO MUST BURN will be available on a variety of VOD platforms October 11th courtesy of Midnight Releasing.
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