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Official Trailer Arrives For THE PURGING HOUR!

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If you are ready for some more found footage delight, you should enjoy what we have for you today. From director Emmanuel Giorgio Sandoval comes his newest film THE PURGING HOUR. Previously known as HOME VIDEO, the movie is now available for you to enjoy. You will find the official trailer waiting down below.

THE PURGING HOUR stars Alana Chester, Tomas Decurgez, Sherry Driggs, Steve Jacques, Sophia Louisa, Jim Marshall, David Mendoza, Cara O’Brien, Dean Testerman, Paul Cross, Tom Mclaren, and Art Roberts.


"With the hopes of a new life for his family, Bruce Diaz left the harsh city for the serene mountains of California. Upon arrival to their new home, the Diaz family fell victim to one of the most horrific crimes in history. With no serviceable evidence being retrieved, the case was eventually dismissed. Several years later, the family’s personal home movie footage was released by an anonymous source."

THE PURGING HOUR is now available on DVD.
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