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Official Trailer For THE TERRIBLE TWO Is Within!

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Get ready for a parent's worst nightmare. Orange St Films prepares to bring you a new supernatural thriller from writer director Billy Lewis titled THE TERRIBLE TWO. The film centers on a grieving couple, whose loss threatens to consume everything around them with a wicked twist. Head on down below to view the official trailer.

THE TERRIBLE TWO mixes the real-life Horror of a parent’s worst nightmare with the supernatural, as two innocent young girls haunt the parents they believe failed them.

The film stars Reid Doyle and Cari Moskow, Ariana Baron, and Arielle Breslerman.


"Albert and Rose Poe they approach the first anniversary of the death of their daughters, Addi and Jade. As the day comes and goes, Rose continues to struggle to come to grips with the loss of her only children. She begins hearing the girls' voices throughout the house. The whispers lead her to the attic where she discovers an old manuscript with shocking revelations. After reading the book and looking into the history of the house, secrets are revealed that something sinister is happening within the walls, something that led to the deaths of Addi and Jade. Soon Albert and Rose find themselves prisoners of their precious little girls in "the safety" of their own home."

THE TERRIBLE TWO does not have a release date as of yet but it is expected to be available very soon.
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