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Official Trailer Arrives For SLASHER HOUSE 2!

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Get ready some some microbudget fun as director MJ Dixon and the team at Mycho Entertainment continue to expand on their Brit-slasher universe, explored in previous films SLASHER HOUSE, LEGACY OF THORN, CLEAVER: RISE OF THE KILLER CLOWN, HOLLOWER, and SLAYPRIL FOOLS DAY. We of course are talking about SLASHER HOUSE II. Head on down below to view the trailer that has arrived.

SLASHER HOUSE II stars Francesca Louise White, Luna Wolf, Sophie Portman, David Hon Ma Chu, John ‘Bam’ Goodall, Sam Cullingworth, Tiana Rogers, Jamie Chambers, and Wellington Grosvenor.


"Red has arrived in the big city just time to find herself tied up in an epidemic of vanishing serial killers, but who is taking them and what do they want with the worlds most horrific masked murderers?

As Red fights her way through a maze filled with assassins, monsters and maniacs she comes closer to discovering the truth behind the mystery and the mastermind behind the Slasher House."

SLASHER HOUSE II will have its world premiere at Horror-on-Sea Film Festival, January 22nd 2017 at 8pm.
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