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Big News: Victor Crowley Will Be Returning!

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If you are a fan of slasher movies, you have probably heard of the HATCHET films which saw Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley kill a lot of people in brutally gruesome ways. Adam Green, who penned all three films and directed the first two has previously made it known that HATCHET was meant to be a trilogy.

Just around one year ago, Green spoke a bit about how he would like to make a HATCHET 4 film, but those plans never did take off.

For fans of the series, they will be happy to learn that Victor Crowley will indeed be returning. Only this time in comic book form.

Adam Green's announcement:

"In case you missed it: Victor Crowley will slash his way into comic books next year as ArieScope and American Mythology partner to bring you a series of HATCHET comic books. That's a whole bunch of NEW Victor Crowley stories and ALL of the red ink the printers have in stock. Read all about it today on!"

Official announcement:

"ArieScope Pictures has partnered with American Mythology (STARGATE ATLANTIS, THE THREE STOOGES, THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT) to bring you a full series of HATCHET comic books starting in 2017. Based on Adam Green’s popular slasher franchise, American Mythology promises to take HATCHET in bold new directions with a series of planned story arcs revolving around genre icon Victor Crowley.

A seasoned cast of veteran artists will bring the stories to life including Andrew Mangum (RE-ANIMATOR, EVIL ERNIE) who will be drawing the gory interiors and Greg LaRocque (THE AVENGERS, THE FLASH), Buz Hasson (THE LIVING CORPSE), and Ken Haesser (ARMY OF DARKNESS, BACK TO THE FUTURE) providing the gorgeously Horrific covers."

As of now there are now dates of release but we will continue to keep you updated on this story as we hear it.
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