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5 New "WOLVERINE" pics

I'm looking forward to this movie but I hate (for constency's sake) that Tyler Mane will not be returning to play the role of Sabretooth.

"WOLVERINE" hits theaters May 09.
DaShape Tuesday 12/02/2008 at 12:07 PM | 26512
I will have to agree.

Why didn't they cast Tyler?

Is Tyler too hollywood, now?

I mean cmon they put Cotton Weary in this movie.

Well, Cotton isn't too bad.

They could have used Colin Farrel or Hugh Grant and made this a romantic comedy.
Evildsm Tuesday 12/02/2008 at 03:46 PM | 26525
Hunter 'HHH' Helmsley should play Sabretooth. Ha..why not him do another movie? It seems like wrestlers are going Hollywood right now. Mr. Kennedy and his movie coming out in Jan. and all.
Malina Wednesday 12/03/2008 at 08:13 AM | 26688
WOW! I was waiting for this a long time! Can't wait to see it on big screen!!!! Wolverine always were my favorite character from X-Men.
L√úCKMANN Wednesday 12/03/2008 at 11:41 AM | 26706