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New Cover Art For ADAM GREEN'S HATCHET Is Within!

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If you are a fan of slasher movies, you have probably heard of the HATCHET films which saw Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley kill a lot of people in brutally gruesome ways. Adam Green, who penned all three films and directed the first two has previously made it known that HATCHET was meant to be a trilogy.

Around one year ago, Green spoke a bit about how he would like to make a HATCHET 4 film, but those plans never did take off.

Fans of the series were happy to learn recently that Victor Crowley will indeed be returning. Only this time in comic book form. ArieScope Pictures has partnered with American Mythology to bring you a full series of HATCHET comic books starting in 2017 that will be based on the popular slasher franchise.

At this point in time, details are very slim as to what writer James Kuhoric has planned for the comic book, but we do know that the comic will "take HATCHET in bold new directions". There are multiple story arcs already laid out for the comic series.

Multiple covers have been created for issue #0, created by artists Andrew Mangum, Greg LaRocque, and Buz Hasson. There is also a "blank splatter sketch cover". In addition, we are told that there will also be a fifth cover, a special R-rated premium cover which will be revealed at a later date.

Comic description:

"Cursed to live out his terrifying last moments again and again, Crowley brutally murders anyone foolish enough to enter his swamp sanctuary. Filled with over the top gore, classic movie monster horror, and a boatload of black humor, this is the ultimate comic for fright fans!"

HATCHET issue #0 will arrive on store shelves in March of 2017.
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