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Possible SCREAM 5 Is Discussed!

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A very touchy subject is the idea of another SCREAM film being created, especially now that Wes Craven has left us. Many fans of the franchise feel that this is something sacred and should not be messed with. Then there are others who feel that a couple of more films would round things out.

Writer Kevin Williamson and star Neve Campbell recently spoke to ET about the possibility of us seeing a SCREAM 5:

“Wes and I, when we were starting Scream 4, we had plans for Scream 5 and 6,” Williamson told the outlet. “Now without Wes, I feel like you have to sort of answer the questions of how and why, and I don’t know how to do it without Wes and I don’t know why to do it.”

Campbell added:

“It would be tough to do it without Wes,” Campbell said. “His vision was so clear and he was so good. I think it would be painful. It doesn’t mean it would never happen, but it would be challenging. Nobody is talking about it at the moment.”

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