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Gruesome Trailer Arrives For 80's Slasher Throwback KILLER CAMPOUT!

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If you are ready for some over the top, low budget Slasher camp movie fun, then you will love what we have for you today. Director Brad Twigg has created something special with his 80s slasher throwback titled KILLER CAMPOUT. You will find the brutal official trailer for the film below.

KILLER CAMPOUT stars James L. Edwards, Jesse L. Green, Julio Fernandez, Mariana Triantos, Nadia White, Luba Hansen, Andrea Marie, Solon Tsangaras, Chris O'Brocki, Erica Jones, Alex Neumeier, Rick Jermain, Jenny Jannetty, David Phillip Carollo, Lindsay Lockhart, Roger Yawson, Rosanna Nelson, Nicholas Yoder II, Matthew L. Furman, Gary Lee Vincent, George Stover, John Russo, and the late, Herschell Gordon Lewis. KILLER CAMPOUT was written by Matt Hill and star James L. Edwards.


"Two youth counselors bring a group of emotionally troubled teens deep into the woods for a weekend of solitude and confrontational therapy. The trip turns deadly when the group is terrorized by a cannibalistic hermit with a thirst for blood."

KILLER CAMPOUT is expected to be released sometime soon.
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