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Another HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL Remake Is Coming!

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Still one of the best Horror movies out there today is the 1959 classic HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL which was directed by William Castle. Just forty years later in 1999 a Warner Bros. brought us a remake of the film which was directed by William Malone. It looks as though we may be seeing another take on the story in the future.

It was just announced that the writers of PROJECT ALMANAC and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION Jason Harry Pagan and Andrew Deutschman are working with Amblin on a new project titled UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENON. In addition, Deadline revealed that the writing duo are currently penning the script for a second HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL remake for Warner Bros.

Original synopsis:

"Five guests are invited to a haunted house party by millionaire playboy Frederick Loren and his glamorous but scheming wife Annabelle. The plot unfolds to reveal the manipulative couple have turned the party into a contest, as each guest is offered $10,000 to spend just one night in "the only truly haunted house in the world".

The 1999 version saw the same outline, but with the $10,000 prize being converted to $1 million. Still it took things further digging into the history of the mansion, revealing that it once was an asylum where very bad things took place.

As far as what this new HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL remake goes, we will have to be patient and wait a bit longer for any story details. We will continue to bring you more on this story as we hear it.
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