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Official Trailer For THE ORANGE MAN Is Within!

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Just when you think that you have seen it all comes something even more bizarre. If you are looking to put a little vitamin-C in your diet you have come to the right place. Director Stephen Folker brings his vision to life with THE ORANGE MAN. Head on down below to have a look a the official trailer.

THE ORANGE MAN stars Dave Juehring, Thomas Ely Sage, Jim Plovanich, Glenn Harston, Trena Penson, Robert Kemp, Susan Wynne Lunning, and Ben Rollins.


"In 1987, Peter Walkins, a disgruntled door to door orange salesman brutally kills his first victim. Twenty-seven years later, land developer Gerald Johnson is acquiring an orange grove. Just served with divorce papers, he convinces his quirky friends (WILBUR, REGGIE, JIMMY) to join him on a fishing trip to clear his mind and finalize his business transaction. Unbeknownst to him, his soon to be ex-wife DEBORAH and her boyfriend ROGER will be vacationing in the same location.

The following day, the group arrives at a quaint and secluded cabin. It’s not long before strange noises in the night start to get the attention of Reggie, Gerald’s wheelchair bound friend and the only one with any common sense. Gerald, thinking it’s nothing, brushes his friends concerns aside. Soon, Reggie’s fears are confirmed when he catches a glimpse of the ‘Orange Man’ while fishing. As the plot thickens, the Orange Man slowly and methodically begins picking them off one by one, utilizing his prosthetic hook hand and a sack of oranges. The Orange Man wants everyone to have a taste."

THE ORANGE MAN is now available from Legless Corpse on DVD and limited edition Blu-ray.
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