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Major News Regarding The Next FRIDAY THE 13TH Film

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For a very long time now it has been a mission to bring back the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise ever since the release of the 2009 reboot. Bringing Jason Voorhees back to the big screen is not an easy task. Previous attempts have fallen apart and amounted to nothing.

Platinum Dunes had been developing the new FRIDAY THE 13TH film at Paramount for a long time now. Casting calls for young Jason and his father were in motion, filming locations were scouted, dates were set and in place. It seemed like this would finally be the October that we get a new entry into the franchise. As it turns out, this will not be the case any longer.

We have now learned that Paramount Pictures has pulled the FRIDAY THE 13th reboot from their 2017 release schedule. They have also pulled the untitled WORLD WAR Z sequel.

Less than six weeks out from the filming start date, Paramount sank this possible FRIDAY THE 13TH project. The belief is that the disappointing performance for RINGS played a major part in the decision. Paramount's RINGS had a budget of $25 million and only pulled in $13 million during this weekend's opening.

So as of now the possible new FRIDAY THE 13TH film from Paramount is dead.

There is still hope for us seeing Jason Voorhees on screen again in the future. Sometime during 2018, Warner Bros. will be obtaining the rights to the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise. Next Summer, Victor Miller (original writer) and Sean S. Cunningham (original director) will be heading to court for a ruling on who will hold the rights to the original film and the characters/concepts that were introduced. Hopefully sometime after that we can maybe see Warner Bros. do something credible with the beloved franchise.

We will continue to bring you more on all things FRIDAY THE 13TH as we hear it.
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