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Back in 1987 we were introduced to fun and adventuresome film THE LOST BOYS. It is about two Arizona brothers who move to California and do battle with a gang of young vampires. Back in 2008 we saw a sequel to the movie titled LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE, followed by 2010's LOST BOYS: THE THIRST.

During The CW panel at the San Diego Comic-Con last year, the announcement was made that the network had decided to bring THE VAMPIRE DIARIES to an end. Season 8 would mark the final one. As they looked ahead to the future, a serious gap needs to be filled in their programming schedule and what could fill this gap? THE LOST BOYS was decided to be adapted into a television series and take on this task.

Fast forward to the present and Variety is now reporting that The CW will not be bringing us THE LOST BOYS TV series this season. As room on their schedule is very slim, the network has made the decision to wait until next season to give this project a shot.

A CW executive said of the situation:

"When we went back and looked at what worked at the old UPN and WB, genre shows worked. High-concept, serialized shows worked. Embrace what you are. We were not going to be a procedural network; we weren't going to survive. At the same time, in embracing it, make sure you broaden out your audience because we're not going to survive as a niche, perceived teenage, female-based audience."

Here is the previous description given for THE LOST BOYS CW TV series:

"Envisioned for a seven-season, anthology-style run, the series will tell a story spanning 70 years, each season chronicling a decade. Season 1 will be set in San Francisco during the Summer of Love, 1967. Each season, the humans, the setting, the antagonist and the story all change — only the vampires, our Lost Boys, who like the Peter Pan characters never grow up, remain the same."

It will be interesting to see what The CW decides to do with this project. Only time will tell and we will continue to follow this story and bring you more as we hear it.
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