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Update On STRANGELAND 2 Within!

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Dee Snider’s Horror film STRANGELAND arrived on the scene way back in 1998. We have known for a while now that Snider has had plans for another STRANGELAND film. There were rumors of the film being rebooted at one point, but it looks as though the project will come in sequel form.

Snider provided an update on STRANGELAND 2 saying:

"[I’m] gearing up to hopefully go into production with Strangeland 2. I know I’ve talked about this for twenty years. I sound like a broken record. And I hate even saying it out loud, cause you’ve had so many disappointments with this project. But it’s feeling like now is the time. Feeling like this is gonna happen this time around – I’ve also said that before, so don’t hold me to this."

Original synopsis:

"A detective pursues a sadist specializing in body modification rituals who lures teenagers through the internet."

We will continue to bring you more on STRANGELAND 2 as we hear it.
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