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THE FLY Remake Is In The Works!

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In 1958, director Kurt Neumann brought the world his sci-fi Horror classic THE FLY. The film was ahead of it’s time with a very wonderfully creepy concept that still holds up to this day. The movie received two sequels, RETURN OF THE FLY and CURSE OF THE FLY. In 1986, director David Cronenberg unleashed his remake of the flick which also received a sequel THE FLY II.

With some failed THE FLY projects happening over the years since back then, nothing could ever make it into production. There were even plans at one point for THE FLY 1986 co-star Geena Davis to star in and produce a sequel that would have been titled FLIES.

Fast forward to the present time and we have now learned that filmmaker J.D. Dillard is in negotiations with Fox to direct another remake of THE FLY. If selected, Dillard will also be writing the screenplay with his known collaborator, Alex Theurer.

Dillard has caused a lot of waves since the 2016 Sundance Film Festival where his film SLEIGHT debuted. That movie is scheduled to be released into theaters on April 28th. Dillard has also managed to cast a supernatural noir called STRAY, and is also in the pre-production stages for a Blumhouse Horror project titled SWEETHEART.

Original synopsis for THE FLY:

“a brilliant scientist who becomes obsessed with perfecting a device that can transmit matter from one location to another. Successful in his initial tests, he experiments with a human guinea pig - himself. But an ordinary housefly makes the journey with him, and when they merge both creatures have been extraordinarily changed. This is the chilling story of a man fighting to retain his humanity, and a desperate woman's attempt to save the man she loves.”

We will continue to bring you more on the new remake of THE FLY as we hear it.
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