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Six Alternate Versions Of Jason Voorhees We Almost Saw In FREDDY VS JASON!

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When it comes to FREDDY VS JASON, many feel that it depicted the two legendary slasher icons in a very justifiable way, while some fans felt much differently. Regardless of all of that, the road to FREDDY VS JASON was a long and windy one.

The new book from Dustin McNeill titled SLASH OF THE TITANS takes a detailed look into the history of the first FREDDY VS JASON film.

As for Jason Voorhees, we have seen a plethora of unique looks to which all have had their own wicked charm. It should come as no surprise that there were many other versions of Jason that never made it on screen.

While promoting SLASH OF THE TITANS, Dustin McNeill spoke to and shared some of the wild directions that Jason was proposed to take over the course of the years. Here are six of them:

Phantom of the Opera Jason (From FREDDY VS JASON ‘98)

“In this draft, the teenagers are running around Camp Crystal Lake high on a powerful dream drug. One boy encounters Jason, whom he dismisses as a hallucination. He taunts the hulking slasher, even pulling back his mask to reveal the grisly visage beneath. This is enough to scare the kid into thinking he may not be dreaming. The script reads: “Todd is finally taken over the edge. He's not sure whether this is a dream or not. All he knows is it scares the living shit out of him! He lets go of the hockey mask. It rockets back toward Jason's face, propelled by its elastic band, and -- CRACK! Pieces of the old mask shatter away on impact, leaving Jason's most grotesque features exposed.”

Human Jason (From FREDDY VS JASON ‘94)

“This draft takes the Wes Craven’s New Nightmare approach by unfolding in our reality where the Friday the 13th movies actually exist as movies. The story then focuses upon the REAL Jason Voorhees, whom we’ve never actually seen before. The differences are immediately noticeable. For one, his mother died of ovarian cancer in 1969 having never killed any counselors. This means the earliest murders at Camp Crystal Lake were strictly Jason’s. This slasher is also quite human. As the script notes, “This is not the hideously deformed mutant seen in the other Jason movies, but a real man. He's no less frightening, however, and he bears the scars of countless fights and wounds.”

Jason X’s Uber-Jason (From FREDDY VS JASON ‘94)

“The finale for this draft takes place inside the Elm Street Shopping Mall where Freddy is causing “waking nightmares.” As Human Jason passes by the mall’s cineplex, he notices a standee advertising a fictitious Friday the 13th sequel called JASON 2010. This display, which depicts a futuristic robo-Jason with glowing red eyes, suddenly comes to life and attacks the real slasher. This results in a bloody Jason vs Uber-Jason showdown. Noel Cunningham later revealed in Peter M. Bracke’s Crystal Lake Memories that the concept of a futuristic Jason originated with this unused crossover script.“

Hellscape Jason (From FREDDY VS JASON ‘95)

“This story sees a satanic cult resurrecting Jason Voorhees from hell. Emerging from a swirling red-and-green vortex, he appears different than we last saw in Jason Goes to Hell. He still sports a hockey mask, though it is “dark chrome with angular facets,” not unlike that sequel’s teaser poster. The script charges that he is “still terrifying - a regular slasher Darth Vader.” Although his mask was upgraded in hell, his body was seemingly not and is far more rotted looking. A character later manages to nick Jason with a chainsaw. Maggots and green bile pour from his wound.”

Franken-Jason (From FREDDY VS JASON ‘93)

“The very first Freddy vs Jason script picked up straight from Jason Goes to Hell. Recall that Jason’s original body was blown apart by a SWAT team in that film’s opening. This crossover’s protagonists recover his remains and crudely reassemble them using barbed wire and fishing line. They reinforce the slasher’s arms and legs with steel braces. They even repair his hockey mask using baling wire. Of his sewn-back together appearance, the script notes, “Jason looks nineties... and butch.” Putting Jason back together again was the easy part. The teenagers must next find a new heart for transplantation and electrocute him back to life.”

Nightmare Rage Jason (From FREDDY VS JASON ‘98)

“Near draft’s end, things are looking badly for Jason and the heroine. They are both trapped in the dreamscape and seemingly helpless against Freddy. This is where the heroine decides that she should be able to exert some control over her own dream. “This is my nightmare. And in my nightmare, Freddy does feel pain. In my nightmare, Freddy bleeds! And in my nightmare, JASON WINS! This is where my nightmare ends and yours begins!

With this, Jason resurrects from near death. His body begins to tremble and shake, letting off plumes of steam. He roars. As the script notes, “Every fiber, vein, and muscle in his body explodes horrifically. He transforms into a hulking, seething, mutated abomination. Jason has become the embodiment of Lizzie's pure and utter rage -- a living nightmare!”

SLASH OF THE TITANS is available on Amazon.
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