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Trailer For ASYLUM OF DARKNESS Is Within!

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Wild Eye Releasing unlocks the doors to award-winning filmmaker Jay Woelfel’s supernatural Horror feature ASYLUM OF DARKNESS this month. Woelfel’s stirring cocktail of supernatural suspense and goosebump-inducing Horror features a superlative cast of sci-fi and Horror icons including Golden Globe nominee Richard Hatch, in one his final film appearances. Head on down below to have a look at the official trailer.

Written and directed by Jay Woelfel, the film stars Golden Globe Winner Richard Hatch, Tim Thomerson, Tiffany Shepis, Nick Baldasare, Amanda Howell, and Frank Jones Jr..

Tim Thomerson and Tiffany Shepis also star in the movie, a striking, spine-tingling Horror jaunt, shot in 35mm, that resembles the works of genre icons Lynch and Cronenberg.


“After awakening in a mental asylum, a patient plans his escape to freedom while fighting off supernatural forces in both the real world, and some that may only live inside his head. But once on the outside, he learns that the life awaiting him is more twisted and dangerous than anything he could conjur in his head, one that is luring him back to the asylum forever.”

ASYLUM OF DARKNESS will be in select theaters and VOD on April 11th.
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