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Horror Director To Helm LABYRINTH 2!

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The 1986 musical fantasy film titled LABYRINTH took audiences on a magical journey through a deeply complicated world of unknown aspects and wonder. Starring the late David Bowie, the movie saw him steering the character of the Goblin King. The flick did not do well at the box office originally, but has since developed a major cult following.

We have learned that a new film based off of the LABYRINTH is now in the works. The director of EVIL DEAD and DON’T BREATHE Fede Alvarez has been selected by TriStar to direct.

Alvarez tells Deadline:

“Labyrinth is one of the seminal movies from my childhood that made me fall in love with filmmaking. I couldn’t be more thrilled to expand on Jim Henson’s mesmerizing universe, and take a new generation of moviegoers back into the Labyrinth.”

Set to write the script for the new LABYRINTH film is Jay Basu who is currently working with Alvarez on THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB. Insiders say that what Alvarez and Basu will create is a new story within the universe that was created in the original movie. They also stress that this film will not be a remake, and that it will be more of a spinoff rather than a sequel.

The film is a co-production between TriStar Pictures and The Jim Henson Co. with Lisa Henson producing. David Bowie’s character will not be a part of the new film.

The original film starred Jennifer Connelly as a teen who wishes away her baby brother. When The Goblin King Jareth (played by David Bowie) stole away the infant away and took him to his castle to be turned into a goblin, the regretful teen has to find her way through his maze-like kingdom to rescue her sibling.

We will bring you more on this story as we hear it.
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