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Official Trailer For DARK SIGNAL Is Within!

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Way back in August of 2014 it was made know that THE DESCENT director Neil Marshall would be executive producing a haunted tale titled DARK SIGNAL. Directed by Edward Evers-Swindell, to which he also co-wrote with Antony Jones, the film had a DVD release in the UK last year. Bringing a blend of supernatural and slasher movie delight, the flick has a U.S. release on the way. Head on down below to have a look at the official trailer.

DARK SIGNAL stars Siwan Morris, Gareth David-Lloyd, Joanna Ignaczewska, Duncan Pow, Eleanor Gecks, Cinzia Monreale, and James Cosmo.

Quick synopsis:

“the spirit of a murdered girl returns with a message for the staff of a local radio station.”

DARK SIGNAL head to theaters on June 2nd, followed by a VOD and iTunes release on June 6th.
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