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Official Trailer For INNER DEMON Is Within!

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A teenage girl is abducted by a serial killer couple, but then manages to escape. She finds refuge in an isolated farmhouse, only to discover it is home to greater Horrors and a malevolent spirit. Terror Films and director Ursula Dabrowsky bring you the movie titled INNER DEMON. Head on down below to check out the trailer.

INNER DEMON stars Sarah Jeavons, Kerry Ann Reid, and Andreas Sobik.


“INNER DEMON tells the tale of teenager Sam (Sarah Jeavons) who manages to escape from a deranged serial killer couple (Kerry Ann Reid and Andreas Sobik). Unfortunately, a cabin in the woods that she hoped would be a safe house turns out to be even more harrowing and dangerous than the initial entrapment by her captors."

INNER DEMON is now available on VOD.
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