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Official Trailer Arrives For TALL MEN!

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Finding yourself in a situation where you are in debt can be a very sickening feeling. This can certainly cause one to become desperate, and sometimes that desperation can turn deadly. This is the case for Terrence Mackleby in director Johnathan Holbrook’s upcoming Horror film titled TALL MEN. Head on down below to view the official trailer.

TALL MEN stars Dan Crisafulli, Kay Whitney, Richard Garcia, Jeff Alden, Jackie Ayzenberg, and Brandon Cogo.


“Terrence Mackleby claims bankruptcy after being over $80,000 in debt. His private world is turned upside down when Terrence is visited by strange demons and tall phantoms in business suits after he applies for a mysterious black credit card, in this nightmarish Holbrookian vision.”

TALL MEN will be released onto VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray on May 9th.
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