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Major Update On Neil Blomkamp’s ALIEN 5!

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We have been following Neil Blomkamp's idea for an ALIEN 5 film in the form of his concept art for quite some time.

Blomkamp was hyping and building the suspense and wonder in the minds of fans, raising many questions ever since.

A couple of years ago, Fox confirmed that Blomkamp would in fact be directing the ALIEN 5 film with Ridley Scott in line to be producing. With Scott’s PROMETHEUS sequel titled ALIEN: COVENANT now on the verge of release, we bring you an update on things.

While out promoting ALIEN: COVENANT, Ridley Scott addressed the possible ALIEN 5 film from Neil Blomkamp saying:

“I don't think it will ever see the light of day. There was never a script. Just an idea that evolved from a dozen or so pages. I had to participate as producer, but it didn't go farther because Fox decided it didn't want to do it. As far I was concerned, I had already done Prometheus and I was working on Covenant.”

It looks as though Neil Blomkamp's ALIEN 5 concept may never make it to the big screen.

Sigourney Weaver was previously very excited about the idea as were most fans.

Remember, ALIEN: COVENANT will arrive in theaters on May 19th.
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