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Update On WRONG TURN 7 Within!

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The WRONG TURN franchise has seen many changes since the debut of the original film back in 2003. Many directors have given it a go at bringing Three Finger and the family to life, and now the title is known for it’s straight to DVD track record. Whether you enjoy the movies or you Horribly dislike them, there is a loyal fan base out there.

For two years now, there has been talk of making a seventh entry into the franchise, but the latest film WRONG TURN 6: LAST RESORT caused some controversy as 20th Century Fox pulled the movie from shelves and online for a period of time while a lawsuit took place due to an image of someone that was used in the flick without permission.

WRONG TURN 7 was previously planned to be released sometime in 2017. Today we bring you a fresh update.

According to the official WRONG TURN 7 Facebook page:

“The script for part 7 is ready. It will go into production this year end. We will update the shoot pics soon. Stay connected on [the] official WT 7 page.”

Whether or not the project will see the light of day in 2017 remains to be seen. We will continue to bring you more on this story as we hear it.
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