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New Official Trailer Arrives For A NIGHT OF HORROR: VOLUME 1!

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It seems that Horror anthologies are really becoming a thing these days. The idea of taking short stories and mashing them together into one great big picture can be a recipe for success if done correctly. Take for instance the upcoming Horror anthology A NIGHT OF HORROR: VOLUME 1.

The anthology will be made up of nine Horror shorts from ten directors. Get ready for Zombies, demonic entities, self-surgery, cannibalism, and more. Head on down below to check out the new official trailer that has arrived.


"Featuring Bianca Bradey of Wyrmwood and Starting From Now fame, Ryde resident Enzo Tedeschi’s Life Imitates is the tale of a young woman that wakes up in a macabre art gallery, her experience leading audiences through the short films that make up the anthology.

From the screenwriter of The Pack, Dark Origins from Brisbane’s Evan Randall Green tells of a psychologist that discovers the terrifying trauma haunting her young patient may in fact lurk beyond the girl’s fractured mind.

California’s Los Angeles based Bossi Baker’s Hum takes us inside a woman’s apartment where a mysterious humming does way more than keep her awake at night.

Escape for a weekend away with Melbourne duo Nicholas Colla and Daniel Daperis’ Flash and risk being invaded by a dark presence.

Ravenous, from London’s Southgate’s Carmen Falk, leaves us alone with a young girl and her grandmother, who has a compulsive urge to eat raw animal flesh.

Matthew Goodrich of Melbourne’s Cheltenham delivers a family split apart in Scission.

Canada’s Ontario based Justin Harding’s Point of View sees a tired coroner stalked by the living dead... but only when she isn’t looking.

Take the train ride from hell with an unfaithful woman in Melbourne’s Ivanhoe based Goran Spoljaric’s The Priest.

I Am Undone from Rebecca Thomson of West Hobart, Tasmania sees a cosmetic surgeon suffer spectacularly from oversampling her products."

A NIGHT OF HORROR: VOLUME 1 will arrive sometime this Summer.
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