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Doug Bradley To Return As Pinhead On Film?

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Doug Bradley, the man who was the original Lead Cenobite Pinhead from the HELLRAISER movies, is once again in the shining light. With the upcoming sequel HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT preparing to be unleashed, we know that Bradley will once again Not be donning the Pinhead makeup for that particular film.

Bradley did however recently take part in The Pinhead Experience with legendary makeup artist Tom Savini applying the pins, giving fans the opportunity to pose with the Hell Priest himself.

But what about the possibility of Doug Bradley actually taking on the iconic role of Pinhead one more time in a feature film? B-D spoke with Bradley and when asked about if he would be open to returning as Pinhead he replied:

“I’d absolutely be open to doing it again. I’ve never closed the door on the idea. Right place, right time, right motives (unlike Revelation and Judgement) right script etc, etc, who knows. A full-on adaptation of The Scarlet Gospels would be a perfect end to the journey – and before any Internet rumors start: No, I don’t know of any such plans and no-one has spoken to me about it. Just a thought.”

Bradley on other actors playing Pinhead:

“I’m pretty relaxed about other actors playing the role. I made a conscious choice to turn Revelations down and did so for a variety of reasons. I finally watched it at the beginning of last year. It fully vindicated my decision to reject it. Judgment is slightly different in that the decision was effectively taken out of my hands and I didn’t even get to read the screenplay. The movie will have to be released before I get a chance to see it. I won’t be racing to watch it, but I won’t avoid it either.

Since I turned down both movies, it follows that I knew other actors would get to play the part. Good luck to them. I don’t know about ’taking over’, either: enjoying temporary ownership, maybe.”

When asked what his favorite HELLRAISER sequel is he replied:

“That would be a close call between Hellbound and Hell On Earth. And I tend to give the latter the nod.”

If Doug Bradley will ever again be Pinhead onscreen is unknown as only time will tell. For now we have director Gary Tunnicliffe’s HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT to look forward to with Paul T. Taylor as Pinhead.
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