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Official Trailer For AWAKENING THE ZODIAC Is Within!

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If you are someone that is interested in the Zodiac killings, then you might enjoy what we have for you today. Director Jonathan Wright’s upcoming flick titled AWAKENING THE ZODIAC comes from Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions and Vertical Entertainment. The film is now in theaters and you will find the official trailer for the movie just below.

AWAKENING THE ZODIAC stars Shane West, Leslie Bibb, and Matt Craven, Stephan McHattie, Nicholas Campbell, and Kenneth Welsh.


"In 1968, one of the deadliest serial killers in U.S. history disappeared without a trace. His identity and cryptic messages remained unsolved for decades...until now. After a fortune seeking couple uncover a forty-year-old film reel depicting two gruesome murders taken by the killer himself, they set out to solve the mystery and claim the $100,000 reward. But the situation quickly changes, as the hunters become the hunted."

AWAKENING THE ZODIAC is now showing in select theaters.
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