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The Trailer For SICKNESS Is Within!

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Outbreaks seem to be all of the rage these days. Countless films have hit the scene where someone becomes ill with some sort of virus or contagious disease and then begins to take over and then goes on to cause a lot of bad things. Writer/director Brandon D. Brooks has his fingers crossed as his Horror Indy flick SICKNESS is making it’s debut today at the Reel East Film Festival. The trailer is waiting for you down below.

SICKNESS stars Katarina Leigh Waters, Fallon Maressa, Cyrus Samson, Gary Gustin, Lamar Bumbrey, Dennis Ronin, Ruby Larocca, Raine Brown, Anthony Marks, Kate Beaver, Christine Rosario, Monique Dupree & Brian O'Halloran.


“A viral outbreak in the Delaware Valley thrusts several strangers together for a survivalist take on chills and suspense.”

SICKNESS just made its world premiere at the Reel East Film Festival in Cherry Hill, NJ.
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