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Trailer For Upcoming Killer Clown Horror Flick GAGS Is Within!

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Horror films that contain Clowns in them have become a bit of a thing these days. Most everywhere you look you will find a Killer Clown movie. With the hype building for the new Stephen King’s IT, and the upcoming found footage style clown movie BEHIND THE SIGHTINGS, we bring you word on a new one. This particular flick comes from writer/director Adam Krause and is titled GAGS. You will find the trailer waiting for you below.

GAGS stars Lauren Ashley Carter, Tracy Perez, and Aaron Christensen.


"In what has become a common headline across the globe, a mysterious individual has been dressing up like a clown and roaming the streets at night, capturing the attention of an entire city. Many write it off as a harmless prank but others aren't so sure. That is, until one night when four different people cross paths with the clown everyone calls Gags and his true intentions are finally revealed."

Look for GAGS to be released in early 2018.
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