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Official Trailer Arrives For ISLAND ZERO!

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The dark waters of the ocean can be a very frightening place. Being far away from civilization and society causes great isolation and the perfect setting for a Horror film. Such is the case for the upcoming film from writer Tess Gerritsen and director Josh Gerritsen titled ISLAND ZERO. The official trailer has arrived and you will find that down below.

ISLAND ZERO stars Laila Robins, Adam Wade McLaughlin, Teri Reeves, and Matthew Wilkas.


“Inhabitants of a fishing island off the coast of Maine find themselves mysteriously cut off from the outside world after the ferry suddenly stops coming. All the phones have gone dead and every boat sent to the mainland fails to return. When dead bodies turn up along the water’s edge, the hardy band of survivors must find out who, or what is killing them.”

ISLAND ZERO is currently touring the film festivals in hopes of getting distribution.
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