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Official Trailer Arrives For OPEN WATER 3!

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Killer shark movies are very popular no doubt, beginning with the classic 1974 film JAWS. Many movies have been made since then that feature killer sharks. Some are funny while others offer some Terror. For fans of the OPEN WATER flicks, you will be glad to know that OPEN WATER 3: CAGE DIVE is coming soon. Head on down below to view the trailer for director Gerald Rascionato’s third installment into the film series.

OPEN WATER 3: CAGE DIVE stars Joel Hogan, Josh Potthoff, and Megan Peta Hill.


"Three American tourists are making an audition tape of a shark cage dive for a reality TV show. A catastrophic turn of events leaves them stranded in the waters of South Australia surrounded by hungry great white sharks."

OPEN WATER: CAGE DIVE heads to select theaters and VOD August 11th.
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