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New Trailer Arrives For AWAKEN THE SHADOWMAN!

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The Shadowman is one of the most Terrifying entities out there. Untouchable, and always watching. Some have claimed to actually see him while others insist upon it. Get ready for director J.S. Wilson’s upcoming Horror film titled AWAKEN THE SHADOWMAN. A new official trailer has arrived and you will find that waiting for you down below.

AWAKEN THE SHADOWMAN stars James Zimbardi, Skyler Caleb, Jean Smart, Emily Somers, Andrea Hunt, Robert R. Shafer, Grace Van Dien, Raam Weinfeld, Carlos Pratts, Sophie Labelle, and Casey Kramer.

The script was written by Skyler Caleb, Woodrow Wilson Hancock III and James Zimbardi. The film was previously known as THE ONES ABOVE.


“Estranged brothers reunite after their mother's mysterious disappearance. They begin to suspect a supernatural force is behind her disappearance and that it may come for them next.”

AWAKEN THE SHADOWMAN is now available on VOD and Digital.
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