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Behind The Scenes Video Arrives For THE TERROR OF HALLOW’S EVE - Trailer Is Included!

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Imagine a Halloween Horror movie that is made up of true events, uses old school practical effects, and has a soundtrack created by John Carpenter himself. This is the description of director Todd Tucker’s upcoming Halloween flick titled THE TERROR OF HALLOWEEN’S EVE.

The film stars Caleb Thomas, Eric Roberts, Doug Jones, Juliet Landau, Christian Kane, and Sarah Lancaster. The screenplay was done by Zack Ward, and as previously mentioned, John Carpenter handles the score.

Below you will find a sneak peek at some of the behind the scenes that are featured in a special video, courtesy of iHorror. We have also included the previously release trailer.

Director Todd Tucker says of his film:

“Part of this film is based on true events that happened in my childhood, but was made for the fans of 1980’s horror movies.”

Co-director of FrightFest Pau McEvoy had this to say about the film:

“The Terror of Hallow’s Eve is an absolute winner and marks director Todd Tucker as a genre force to be reckoned with,. Enormous fun, atmospheric and genuinely terrifying.”

THE TERROR OF HALLOWEEN’S EVE is set to premiere at FrightFest in London on August 28th.
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