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THE KINDRED Is Finally Coming To Blu-ray/DVD - Trailer Within!

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The classic film from Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Obrow titled THE KINDRED has never been released legally onto DVD or Blu-ray. Around ten years ago, Synapse Films was able to buy the film, but then soon became wrapped up in a legal battle and the movie floated around in limbo as it tried to see a DVD release.

We have now learned that Synapse Films will be finally releasing THE KINDRED onto Blu-ray and DVD sometime in 2018 for sure. Not only that, but this particular release will contain much more gore than the original U.S. release as new material has been discovered.

President of Synapse Films, Donald May Jr. spoke with EW and had the following to say on the release of THE KINDRED:

“Almost ten years later, I can now say that, yes, we are doing The Kindred, finally, for 2018. While we didn’t spend four years restoring it, it took us ten years to get out of all the legal mess to finally announce it again, ten years later. I could probably write a book as to what happened with The Kindred. [Laughs] We’ll do The Kindred on Blu-ray and DVD, because honestly it’s never been legally available on Blu-ray or DVD in the U.S. So, we’ll be the first company to actually release it.”

Look for THE KINDRED to be released onto Blu-ray/DVD sometime in 2018.
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