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There were some issues with a member posting eBay auctions a few days ago and we decided to have all the Mods weigh in on how we should address this issue. Here is the "official" statement. is first and foremost an auction webte with FREE auction listing. Our hope is that sellers of horror related items would try selling on HorrorBid first. However, we understand that eBay receives much more web traffic and understand and expect many sellers to list auctions on eBay. However, nce is a free service why not list auctions on both HorrorBid and eBay at the same time for double exposure?

We the forum moderators feel that prohibiting posts & threads including personal eBay links isn't asking too much. Therefore Behind the Mask forum prohibits the posting and linking of eBay auctions for personal financial gain. Behind the Mask forum also prohibits forum members from linking to other forum member's eBay auctions. Keep in mind that we the moderators have no problem with the funny eBay auctions of the day or linking to something cool listed on eBay. We just don't want sellers' personal eBay auctions linked to in HorrorBid's Forum.

The posting and linking of eBay auctions for financial gain on HorrorBid's Forum is a conflict of interest for HorrorBid. There are plenty of other forums out there to advertise your eBay auctions and we encourage sellers to post and link their Ebay auctions there. However, we want board users to understand that if sellers choose to post links to their personal eBay auctions on HorrorBid's forum, those posts will be deleted. It won't be anything personal and no hard feelings, just buness and we hope everyone understands.

We'll leave you with this illustration, if the shoe was on the other foot so to speak; "If a seller began posting links to Horrorbid auctions in eBay's forum, those auction links would get pulled asap, turst me"

Thanks for understanding and we appreciate everyone taking time to read this.

Justin and the Mod SquadThis "policy" will now be located in the forum rules section....
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Saturday 12/06/2008 at 06:46 AM | 27207