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Trailer For DARK ROAST Is Within!

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Get Ready for DARK ROAST, a blood-splattered Horror-comedy from writer/director Topher Hansson. Fakecharmer Productions prepares for this one as they have released the official trailer for the short film which you can find down below.

DARK ROAST stars Kati McCarron, J.D. Achille, Chris Goodwin, Jose Guns Alves, Codey Gillum, Chris Fisher, and Dane C. Volke.


“It's Halloween night, and Vanessa and Nathan, members of the punk band Piss Bucket, have their biggest show yet lined up. This could be just the ticket they need to leave their routine existence behind. All they need to do to make the show is kill time until the end of their shift serving coffee behind the counter of the Grind Haus. But when bodies start to drop and threatening phone calls from a psychopathic killer pour in they soon realize time isn’t the only thing being killed. To escape their mundane lives slinging coffee they'll need to escape alive first.”

DARK ROAST will have its world premiere at the NOLA Horror Film Fest in New Orleans, LA on September 23rd, followed by October screenings at the Sanford International Film Festival in Sanford, ME and the Halloween International Film Festival in Kill Devil Hills, NC.
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