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BEYOND THE SEVENTH DOOR Is Coming To DVD - Trailer Is Within!

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This Halloween, Intervision Picture Corporation returns to the mysterious Great White North, this time to unearth one of the strangest artifacts of the late 1980’s. BEYOND THE SEVENTH DOOR is a beguiling puzzle film in the vein of DEATH TRAP or THE LAST OF SHEILA, but with far fewer resources and a vastly more eccentric team of filmmakers. The movie is coming to DVD this October and we have included the special features as well as the trailer down below.

More than 30 years later, it remains one of the most ambitious, sought-after, and totally bizarre low-budget Canadian features of all: Yugoslavian-born actor Lazar Rockwood – in a notorious debut performance that still astounds Canuxploitation fans.

Writer/directorB.D. Benedikt made his unforgettable filmmaking debut with this bottom-shelf VHS classic, now loaded with Special Features produced exclusively for its worldwide DVD premiere.


“Boris, an ex-con and career thief who convinces his ex-girlfriend (Bonnie Beck) to help him rob her wealthy boss’ castle. But when Boris discovers that the eccentric millionaire has booby-trapped the building, they’ll have to survive six riddle-triggered rooms of homicidal mayhem in order to claim the treasure.”

Special Features:

-Audio Commentary with Writer/Director B.D. Benedikt and Actor Lazar Rockwood, moderated by Paul Corupe (

-Beyond Beyond the 7th Door: Interviews with Writer/Director B.D. Benedikt, Actor Lazar Rockwood, and’s Paul Corupe

-The King of Cayenne: An Appreciation of Legendary Toronto Eccentric Ben Kerr

Look for BEYOND THE SEVENTH DOOR to arrive on DVD October 31st.
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