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Teaser Trailer Arrives For Upcoming Horror Anthology 10/31!

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It wasn’t too long ago that we found out the four directors for the upcoming Horror anthology from Red Letter Entertainment, Inc. titled 10/31. We will see segments from directors Justin M. Seaman (THE BARN), Zane Hershberger (DEVILUTION), John William Holt (THE DOOMS CHAPEL HORROR), Brett DeJager (BONEJANGLES), and the directorial debut of Rocky Gray.

The new Horror anthology is in the vein of V/H/S/ and CREEPSHOW and brings an ensemble cast together to spin twisted tales of the macabre. The film is Executive Produced by P.J. Starks, creator of the critically acclaimed VOLUMES OF BLOOD franchise.

Today we bring you the teaser trailer for 10/31. Head on down below to have a look.


“A Halloween treat bag of all the things that go bump in the night. From masked killers to scarecrows, witches and tricksters. There's a scare for everyone in this anthology of horror and the macabre from the creators of The Barn and Volumes of Blood.”

10/31 is expected to be released sometime this Halloween season.
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