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Trailer Arrives For IRRATIONAL FEAR!

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Slasher Studios and have partnered up for a new psychological slasher film from writer/director Hunter Johnson titled IRRATIONAL FEAR. The official teaser trailer has arrived and you will find that down below.

IRRATIONAL FEAR stars Charles Chudabala, Baker Chase Powell, Leah Wiseman, Kaleb Shorey, Jennifer Nangle, Tom McCarthy, Mathias Blake and Cati Glidewell.


“Six therapy patients that are brought together to a secluded cabin to confront their strangest fears. But these fears won’t just hurt them...they will kill them.”

IRRATIONAL FEAR is a Horror film that will make you face your biggest fears, no matter how bizarre they may be. While each character faces their own unique fears, not everyone is strong enough to survive them. Fears featured in the film include ghosts, drowning, choking, germs and more, making for a great mix of intense brutality.

IRRATIONAL FEAR will become available in November.
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