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Official Trailer & Movie Clip Arrive For NIGHTWORLD - Starring Robert Englund!

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If you are a fan of Robert Englund, then you will be excited for what we bring you today. Mr. Englund’s next film appearance will be in director Patricio Valladares’ NIGHTWORLD. The film sees a security guard discover something very sinister indeed and the true Horror that come along with it. The official trailer has arrived, which you will find down below.

NIGHTWORLD stars Jason London, Robert Englund, and Gianni Capaldi. The screenplay was written by Barry Keating and Milan Konjevic.


"When former cop, Brett Irlam (Jason London, Dazed and Confused), takes a job as head of security at an old apartment building in Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia, he immediately begins to experience a series of bizarre and terrifying events. As he starts to delve deep into the building’s sinister history and investigate its shadowy owners and past employees, Brett quickly uncovers a malevolent force nestled deep in the bowels of the building, a force that will not stop at anything to be set free into our world. Horror icon Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street) also stars in this thriller about an afterlife darker than you ever imagined."

NIGHTWORLD will be in select theaters and available on VOD platforms October 20th courtesy of Gravitas Ventures.
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