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Clip & Official Trailer For DEVIL’S WHISPER Are Within!

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Usually in Horror films when someone finds a mysterious box in which they decide to open, the outcome is not such a good one. This is the case for a teen that dreams of becoming a priest one day in director Adam Ripp’s film titled DEVIL’S WHISPER. A new clip from the movie has arrived which you will find down below along with the official trailer.

DEVIL’S WHISPER stars Luca Oriel, Marcos Ferraez, Tessie Santiago, Jasper Polish, Rick Ravanello, Coy Stewart, Justin Tinucci, Benjamin A. Hoyt, Luna Maya, Alexander Ward, and Alison Fernandez. Paul Todisco and Oliver Robins wrote the screenplay for the film.


“A 15-year-old boy from a Catholic family dreams of becoming a priest. When he discovers a mysterious box, he unwittingly releases a demonic force that threatens to destroy him and his dreams.”

DEVIL’S WHISPER will receive a VOD release on November 14th.
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