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Tony Todd's LIVE-EVIL Is Coming This Halloween - Trailer Within!

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Halloween night. A time where the shadows rule and the demons roam freely. Trick or treating, yard rolling, and other fun filled pranks cover the world over. Coming this Halloween from writer/director Ari Kirschenbaum is his independent Halloween night Horror flick LIVE-EVIL. You will find the previously released trailer down below.

LIVE-EVIL stars Vladimir Kulich, Charlene Amoia, Vincent Ward, J. Richey Nash and Tony Todd.


"A small college town police station is besieged by a supernatural force let loose on a sleepy Halloween night. The sheriff, and his loyal deputies, struggle with the evil they lock in their basement jail; a force that preys upon each person’s worst fear, winning over all but the strongest willed. An increasingly horrible chain of events is set in motion that could destroy the town, and possibly the world."

LIVE-EVIL will be available on Amazon October 31st, and will soon be available on other platforms as well.
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