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Trailer For COFFIN 2 Is Within!

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Actor, Scott Hamm, stars as a FBI agent who races against the clock to find five hostages in the new thriller, COFFIN 2. The indie film and Hamm’s performance first gained momentum at the SCARE LA Convention, which culminated by earning 20,000 Redbox Kiosks Nation Wide. Head on down below to have a look at the trailer.

COFFIN 2 comes from writer/director Kipp Tribble and stars Hamm, Robert Allen Mukes, Elisa Nixon, Laura James.


“COFFIN 2 follows agent Bobby Church (HAMM) who is tasked with following up on a lead that the infamous Deathstalker killer has taken five hostages, including a cop. With help from some new friends and old enemies he must find their location before time runs out.”

COFFIN 2 is now available via REDBOX.
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